Legal Translation Services


Techno Group Egypt for translation services

The translation of legal subjects-matters, documents, cases and lawsuits require the highest accurate and exact meaning and also need special qualified talented translators who have a great know-how of all legal translations and all its subject-matters in order to reach the required meaning to achieve the top quality and accuracy regarding all these legal fields.

Whereas these texts and legal documents require accurate, clear and comprehensible translation knowledge regarding all these subject-matters, therefore; we will not come except by trained, qualified, proofreaders and translators who have sufficient and comprehensive knowledge in all legal matters and terms in order to give the accurate and correct meaning to layout the translated documents and texts in the best possible picture and reaching by these documents and texts to the highest degree of accuracy, quality and clearness.

We have great and wide experiences and know-how regarding all legal documents and lawsuits, therefore; we provide our legal translation services for all our clients from the individuals, companies, institutions and the authorities in regard of the legal texts translation, we provide our services for example but not limited to the following subject-matters:
translating all types of cases, contracts, legal formal documents, birth certificates, marriage contracts, university degrees, passports, immigration applications, labor contracts, and all legal contracts and lawsuits.