Localization Services


Techno Group Egypt for translation services

We, in Techno Group Egypt for translation and localization services provide comprehensive multilingual desktop publishing services, Techno Group Egypt has its highly qualified and experienced localizers who will format and layout all your localization materials that match your original format and layout, and who will provide your project(s) with highest quality and accuracy in all localization fields and we, in Techno Group Egypt provide our clients and customers with professional localization services with competitive and reasonable prices.

Techno Group Egypt is very confident that we can make an immediate and significant contribution to your company's operations in various areas of localization works. We, in Techno Group Egypt are pride in saying that we ensure a consistent delivery of work of a high professional standard, we are extremely respectful of deadlines and we are committed to fulfilling our clients' and customers' needs.

In the hope that you want a professional collaboration regarding the field of localization, we are looking forward to hearing from you, and our rates are flexible depending on the workload.