Medical Translation Services


Techno Group Egypt for translation services

We have great and vast experiences in translating medical documents and texts; because medical translation documents and other medical texts are very difficult than any other types of translation; therefore this type of translation requires much more experiences, expertise, know-how in medical translation field; and requires a background in medicine field and also needs academic specialists and technical knowledge regarding this field in order to handle and provide the correct and accurate the medical terms and present them in the documents and texts to be translated.

We have provided a lot of medical translated documents and texts to all of our clients and customers and we can translate for example but not limited to the following medical types: endocrinology, hematology, infectious diseases, nuclear medicine, ophthalmology, radiology, patient Information, production manuals, regulatory documents, toxicology reports, investigator brochures, clinical trials and much more.

We also can translate medical leaflets, pharmaceutical documents and texts for example but not limited to the following companies: the biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical devices companies and clinical research organizations.

We provide all medical translation services in competitive prices and on time; so if you have any project(s) you need to translate it into your language please do not hesitate to contact us.