Our Clients


Techno Group Egypt for translation services

We, as Techno Group Egypt for translation and localization services, have a group of the first class translators who are working around the clock in Egypt as well as in many other countries to provide you with the highest quality in translation and localization services from and into most of all living languages and we use only professional human translators and proofreaders for all translation documents and all works are undertaken by skilled, and qualified translators and some of our clients include, but not limited to the following:

Banks, National and International Organizations, Law Firms, Pharmaceutical Companies, Petroleum companies, Software companies, Hotels and Restaurants, Manufacturing Companies Information Technology Companies, Non-Profits Organizations, Advertising Agencies, Construction Companies, Drilling Companies, Training Firms, Telecommunication Companies, Human Resources Companies (HR), Marketing Firms, Financial Institutions, Export and import firms, Coaching firms, Mineral Resources Companies, Automotive companies, Research Institutions and much more.